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IMS is here for you

For homeowners, IMS can help you make your dream home a reality. We are here to help you get the quality, fit, and finish you paid for, upgrade it to your liking, and keep it that way for the long term. Because IMS knows the bones of your home, we can help you maintain and upgrade it while keeping your warranty intact and preserving its functionality (not to mention its value).  We are here to help you communicate any concerns or questions to the builder and manage any finish work that needs to be completed before you take possession of your new home. You can trust us to listen carefully to your needs and advocate for your complete satisfaction.

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We have experience in all types of projects, from value-priced to luxury, and tailor our services appropriately.

We are experts at bringing everyone to the table—investors, developers, builders, and more—and mediating win-win solutions.

Our services are highly flexible, whether you want us to do it all, manage parts and pieces, or just train your team.

As a full-service general contractor, we can take on any aspect of the transition process, from managing subcontractors to complete remodeling.