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Maximizing your ROI requires more than a good sales team. IMS specializes in handling all the details that make your property stand out from the crowd from quality control through property transition and beyond.

Property transition management

Effectively moving a property from finished to sold requires more than just closing on units. IMS has taken many buildings through the transition process from the beginning of the sales process to the end. For example, if construction is continuing on some units while others are being sold, we help the construction team schedule, manage, and, most importantly, clean up their work to maintain a positive atmosphere in the building. Model moves are another specialty. When model units sell, you may have days or only hours to get the next model set up. IMS has performed hundreds of model moves and can get the job done efficiently. And that’s just a start. We can also assist the sales team with closings, create homeowner manuals, and help you facilitate HOA handoff. It’s a truly comprehensive approach to property transition—all delivered with our trademark blend of industry experience and relationship-focused service.

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We have experience in all types of projects, from value-priced to luxury, and tailor our services appropriately.

We are experts at bringing everyone to the table—investors, developers, builders, and more—and mediating win-win solutions.

Our services are highly flexible, whether you want us to do it all, manage parts and pieces, or just train your team.

As a full-service general contractor, we can take on any aspect of the transition process, from managing subcontractors to complete remodeling.