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The Inspiration

Rosemary Aubrey started IMS to help the multiple stakeholders in any condo project—developers, builders, HOAs, and homeowners—align their interests to their mutual benefit. The inspiration came from more than 20 years in various roles across the industry including property manager, builder’s rep, and HOA president. Rosemary saw over and over again how the often adversarial relationships between the parties caused them to make decisions that were not in their best long-term interests. She recognized that by bringing them into agreement and acting as a knowledgeable, objective third party, she could manifest better outcomes for everyone involved.

The IMS Difference

Many companies sell one or more services that are similar in name to those provided by IMS, but very few offer the breadth of experience or truly integrated approach of IMS. Rosemary and her team have worked in every facet of the residential construction market, so they deeply understand market realities, consumer expectations, building practices, industry standards, and dozens of other details that make a project successful.

Here’s just one example: customer service managers often lack the construction knowledge to communicate effectively with builders during the quality inspection process. Because IMS knows construction inside and out, they can work more effectively with builders in the quality inspection process to ensure homes will meet buyer’s expectations. IMS can also enter the process earlier and collaborate with the developer and the builder to ensure that construction is performed to specifications from the beginning, saving time and money.

Better for everyone

Whether it’s enabling developers to smoothly transition a property, helping HOAs hit the ground running, or educating homeowners on the best ways to maintain their homes and common areas, IMS is uniquely positioned to help everyone get what they want out of any condo project. Learn more about our services for Developers, Homeowners, or HOAs, or contact us to learn how we can help you.

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We have experience in all types of projects, from value-priced to luxury, and tailor our services appropriately.

We are experts at bringing everyone to the table—investors, developers, builders, and more—and mediating win-win solutions.

Our services are highly flexible, whether you want us to do it all, manage parts and pieces, or just train your team.

As a full-service general contractor, we can take on any aspect of the transition process, from managing subcontractors to complete remodeling.