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Make your moves

Especially for fast-selling properties, move-ins must be choreographed effectively to ensure that current residents and potential buyers are not disturbed. Keeping elevators and stairways clear, ensuring that carts are available, coordinating with homeowners to ensure moves are completed in a timely manner—IMS takes care of all the details so you can rest easy knowing that things will proceed in an orderly, efficient fashion.

Set the standards

Based on our years of intensive experience, we can help HOAs and their property management companies of choice create building rules that help homeowners, visitors, guests, contractors, and vendors maintain the quality and longevity of a property. We can create maintenance packages and schedules as well as move-in inspection protocols and checklists to keep things shipshape as homeowners come and go.

A life of quality

All the little things that make a building a home—fresh landscaping, spruce common areas, well-maintained lighting—add up to a lot of work for HOAs and property management companies. With IMS, it's all taken care of. From cleaning gutters to changing light bulbs, we maintain the quality of your community to keep homeowners happy and extend the service life of your systems and finishes.

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We have experience in all types of projects, from value-priced to luxury, and tailor our services appropriately.

We are experts at bringing everyone to the table—investors, developers, builders, and more—and mediating win-win solutions.

Our services are highly flexible, whether you want us to do it all, manage parts and pieces, or just train your team.

As a full-service general contractor, we can take on any aspect of the transition process, from managing subcontractors to complete remodeling.